The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor entertaining season is upon us, but is your home ready for gatherings? Whether your go-to hangout spot is on the patio, deck, or just your back yard, you’ll want guests to feel comfortable and relaxed during the summer months. It might mean a little rearranging or maybe some refinishing to make your space the ultimate summer get-a-away. 

Work Your Way Up

Refinish the Deck

We know, you’ve been meaning to do this project for years…so why not now? Take a deck from weather-beaten to beautiful. Keep it’s surface in good shape and you’ll be rewarded with years of use.

  • Start with a good cleaning
  • Use brightener to make old wood look new
  • Add the deck finish

Refinishing your deck not only enhances your deck’s aesthetic appeal, but it protects agains water and sun damage, two of the most destructive forces at work when it comes to outdoor living areas.

Increase the lifetime of your furniture

Protect your new or old furniture pieces

Wooden patio furniture rapidly weathers. If you want to keep the gray away, simply apply a high-quality finish. Revive and/or protect your pieces with a simple finishing process. The two-step process combats the effect of sunlight and moisture and keeps furniture looking great for years to come.

Prime with Epoxy

  1. Mix the primer. Epoxy typically comes in two parts that are blended in equal measure. After mixing, you’ll have about 20 minutes to apply it.
  2. Apply the primer. Brush it on generously, letting it saturate the wood. Pay attention to the end grain as this is where weather damage is most likely. Recoat these areas as the epoxy is absorbed into the wood.
  3. Smooth the Surface. Between coats of epoxy and before applying the varnish, highly sand the surface with P320-grit sandpaper.

Coat with marine varnish or urethane

  1. Thin the varnish or urethane. To promote better absorption, thin the first three coats of varnish with mineral spirits (50%, 25% , and 15%, respectively.) When applying, take care to cover all the surfaces and use proper safety equipment.

Backyard Simple Tricks

Make your backyard your haven

Arrange seating based on your best view.

To make the most of surrounding scenery, consider elevating a section of your garden so that it looks out over a body of water or even a lower portion of your landscaping.

Design like you’re indoors.

Invest in soft all-weather cushions, leave at least a foot between furniture pieces for easy passage, and be sure that each seat has a spot within arm’s reach to set down a drink or book.

Plants can be more than just pretty.

Use potted plants to soften angles around stairs. Larger plants can be great for providing screening around your outdoor patio for extra privacy.

It won’t take much to have your outdoor living space make an impression on your guests this summer. Just a Saturday or Sunday putting in some work will make all of the difference.